GLEADER(JINLIDA)Enhanced Gleader Mesh

SJ90/33 Single screw plastic extruder                     (Quantity:1set)

Screw diametermm):90mm

Aspect ratio L/D):33:1

Nitriding screw material

38CrMoALA  Depth 0.60.8mm,Hardness HV800950,Surface Roughness Ra0.8mm

Structure: Barrier type BM and mixing combination screw is used to ensure high quality melt at higher output and lower temperature, and to ensure balanced plasticization and uniform material temperature.

Maximum extrusion200-250/hHighest speed 90r/min.

Screw barrel1Material 38CrMoALA, Hardness HV950, Roughness of inner wall Ra1.2㎜.

Unique inlet and outlet design, with perfect water cooling device

The screw with grooved feeding bottom sleeve has the function of enhancing feeding, which guarantees high-speed and high-yield extrusion.

Reducer High strength alloy steel, hard tooth surface (origin: Jiangyin Guomao or Chongke) helical gear  

Grinding Gear Material for Tooth Surface: Carburizing and Quenching with Maximum Extrusion of 200 kg/h

Feed Drum Heating Method It is heated by cast aluminium heating ring with air groove and stainless steel hood.

Barrel Heating Power: 4.5KW

Barrel Heating Segments5

Number of Cooling Sections of Fans5

Cooling Fan Power:  

Main Motor Power: Origin: Xian

Speed Regulation Method: Variable frequency speed governor

Electrical Control SystemThermometer from Japan RKC. AC contactorSchneider, Low voltage electrical apparatuschint

COMPLETE SET MC LINE including below mentioned parts:

Hydraulic Network Converter and Hydraulic Station(Quantity:1set)

Specification, type and parameters of switcher: 90 single board switching device

Size: L1(205mm),L2(130mm),L3(880mm)

Switcher Weight:170KG

Mesh Diameter:200mm

Heating Method: Heating rod

Heating Voltage and Power: (220v)/(50hz)   Heating Power: 8KW

Maximum Pressure of Solution:≦45

Configuration of Hydraulic Station: motor power (380V)/(50HZ)   Power: 2.2KW

Metering melt pump (with reducer)                         (Quantity:1set)

Type of Metering Pump: 100CC metering pump

Supply Voltage(220v)/(50hz)  Heating Power2.4KW

Heating Method: Heating rodl

Die for machine head                                             (Quantity:1set)

Material :45# steel

7 Temperature Control sensor in Head Area,Heating method: Heating rod

Spinneret Die:1000

Width: 2 meters

Forming Machine                                                   (Quantity:1set)

Forming width : 2000mm

Cooling Method:Water Cooling

Automatic in & out water control

Roller tractor                                                           (Quantity:1set)

Maximum Width:    2000mm

Traction Method : Rubber roller traction

Motor Power:       3Kw

Speed Regulation Method: Variable frequency speed governor

Traction Speed:      0-6m/Minute

Maximum Traction:   1000N

Winder with meter                                                  (Quantity:1set)


Motor:Torque motor

Motor Power:Level 4 6N.M

Wire Mesh Leveling Conveyo Machine                  (Quantity:2set)

Rewinding device for wire mesh                             (Quantity:1set)

Max.working width::2.5



Wire Mesh Leveling Conveyo Machine:Max. working width:2500mm



360 Breake                                                             (Quantity:1set)

Motor Power :11KW

500KG Vertical drying mixer and automatic screw feeder



Automatic Feeder:Vertical screw feeding stirring motor:3kw

Feeder Motor Power:2.2kw

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